Our Story, Our Services

Targa Real Estate Services, a property management company established in 1987, serves clients primarily in the states of Washington and Oregon. With corporate headquarters located in the Seattle-Tacoma region, Targa Real Estate Services is strategically positioned to provide a wide variety of services to a diverse base of domestic and international clients.

Founded on integrity, dedication and perseverance, Targa Real Estate Services monitors, listens, and responds to each client’s main objective: to protect the asset and maximize the return on the investment. What positions Targa Real Estate Services ahead of the competition is our attitude and the manner in which we conduct business and treat our clients. Targa Real Estate Services views all clients as individuals regardless of size of the investment or the objective. Special attention of this degree is unique in our industry.

Quality, stability and reliability are words synonymous with professionals providing exceptional services. Not only does Targa Real Estate Services epitomize this level of professionalism, we continually set the standard by which it is measured. Targa Real Estate Services believes clients are entitled to efficiency and economy, and to that end, we deliver. 

Property Management:

Targa Real Estate Services invests vast resources into every asset we manage. From the start, we provide each client with an extensive asset evaluation together with short-and long-term income and expense forecasts, cash flow productions, and historical income and expense analysis and data. Investors and owners measure success through profits and enhancement of the bottom line. Targa Real Estate Services achieves success through precise controls, policies and supervision including continuous rental rate evaluation, rigid operating cost controls, effective marketing, preventative maintenance, and cost-effective capital project planning.

Product Types:

  •         Conventional
  •         Affordable Living
  •         Mixed-Use
  •         Senior Living
  •         Single-family Home
  •         Association, Condo, HOA
  •         Commercial
  •         Self-Storage

Accounting Management Information Systems/Cash Management:

Targa Real Estate Services will draft a budget of projected income and operating expenses for the investment to provide a gauge of performance, tracked on a monthly and annual basis. Each month Targa Real Estate Services provides the investor with a customized financial package containing a budget comparison report, an expense analysis, beginning/ending cash balances, turnover statistics, lease beginning/end dates, rental amounts, security deposit amounts, unit square footage, price per square foot, tenant name, unit numbers and addresses.

Within our office, you will find accessible leadership and support staff to respond immediately to any questions that may arise from our monthly statement. This same team of experts can assist each client in developing customized accounting reports if the need is required.


Targa Real Estate Services regularly acts as court-appointed receiver for financially distressed properties. We understand the numerous reporting requirements and management philosophies necessary to work successfully with institutions whose clients may be in financial difficulty or bankruptcy. In all cases, we possess the skills to transition distressed properties, enabling the lender to sell assets for a profit.


Targa Real Estate Services regularly examines properties for international and domestic clients seeking to invest in the Puget Sound region. Targa Real Estate Services can analyze and evaluate investment opportunities, provide market analysis, employee-shopping reports and management plans. Pre-development consultation is also available. We can provide asset management services and contract services based on specific client needs.

Maintenance/Capital Improvement Services:

In an effort to reduce and eliminate excessive contract service costs, Targa Real Estate Services has established a staff of knowledgeable maintenance and service representatives who are skilled in all areas of construction and repair. They are able to assess a job accurately and quickly, complete the job correctly and in a cost-effective manner, resulting in substantial client cost savings. 

Association, Condo, HOA Management: Our portfolio managers are dedicated to providing professional guidance to enhance and protect every owner’s investment. Portfolio managers tailor their focus to the needs of each community and work closely with the board of directors to provide assistance in negotiating and making important decisions on capital improvements, special assessments, legal compliance, vendor contracts, insurance requirements and maintaining the standards of each communities governing documents.

Full-Service Management

  • Property Inspections
  • Administer maintenance services
  • Collect bids for day-to-day maintenance services and capital improvements
  • Provide people to perform non-contracted maintenance
  • Assist in ongoing supervision of Association contractors
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings 
  • Take roll call, verify proxies and present reports at Annual Meeting
  • Prepare all related business correspondence
  • Forward tax information to C.P.A.
  • Answer homeowner complaints concerning accounts, CC&Rs and maintenance.

Accounting Management

    • Invoice & collect periodic dues
    • Invoice & collect special assessments
    • Send late notices & charge late fees
    • Payment of all approved expenses
    • Monthly accounting reports with current month and year-to-date information
    • Monthly budget comparisons
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Assist with preparation of annual budgets for Board of Directors review
    • Maintain ownership/lot records including mailing addresses, phone numbers and legal descriptions
    • Prepare and mail Annual Meeting notices with all necessary enclosures
    • Prepare notices of CC&R violations if necessary
    • Have general knowledge of CC&Rs and Bylaws
    • Provide emergency 24-hour contact
    • Answer homeowner complaints and questions concerning accounts

    Residential Single Family Home Management

    Owning a residential rental property can be a very wise investment decision with lucrative results, but it also has its share of worry and headaches! Finding a skilled Property Manager local to your property can save you a great deal of time and money.

    With our full service Residential Property Management services, you get a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to provide you with the highest level of professional service and the maximum return on your investment.

    Our residential management team provides full service property management for Single Family homes in King County, Pierce County, and Kitsap County.  We take pride in being part of IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) and the WMFHA (Washington Multi-Family Housing Association) for continuing education and to stay current on all market and legislative changes.


    Full-Service Management

    • Using the best marketing tools we are able to draw in qualified applicants
    • We show all properties in person, by appointment, so your home is never left unattended
    • All applicants are screened for credit, criminal, and rental history and checked for income to debt ratio qualification
    • Our lease is up to date with all legal requirements and designed to protect your investment
    • We collect all monthly rent and other income from the tenant and disperse it to you via direct deposit
    • We have emergency maintenance services available 24 hours a day
    • We take care of all communication with tenants, including: posting notices or lease violations, coordinating maintenance work orders, lease renewal negotiations and signing, property inspections, and more!
    • We have a talented Accounting Staff that will issue payment of any invoices for your property, send you an electronic monthly financial report, and a 1099 at the end of the year for tax purposes

    Targa Real Estate Services manages over a million square feet of commercial building space. Our commercial management team works diligently to create strategic asset management plans to exceed any client’s set objectives and economic goals. Commercial managers dedicate their time coordinating lease activities, lease renewals and market comparison reports. Commercial space requires active management and participation; our teams are hands-on focusing on improvements to the commercial space along with preventive and proactive maintenance, emergency preparation and service contract negotiations. 

    Targa Real Estate Services has been the leader in self storage management services in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. Our services are designed to meet the stringent requirements set by National Self Storage owners and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

    Whether it is our web-based reporting and accounting systems, our marketing programs, on-site training and supervision, audit controls, or our ability to create additional ancillary income through services and products, Targa Real Estate will consistently strive to create and maintain value in every facility we manage.

    Property Management:

    • Revenue Management and Enhancement
    • Staffing, Supervision, and Training
    • Market surveys and trend analysis
    • Vendor management with purchasing power discounts
    • Maintenance oversight and bid procurement
    • Weekly site inspections
    • Monthly facility audits
    • Lien sales
    • Risk management


    Accounting/Reporting Services:

    • Monthly reporting of all income/expenses
    • Budgets and annual operating forecasts
    • All AP processing including taxes, insurance, and mortgage payments.
    • Cash management services, VISA and ACH payment alternatives for our clients
    • Monthly bank reconciliation
    • Payroll processing including year end reporting
    • Sales tax filings
    • Property tax appeals



    • Web-based marketing program including “reserve a unit" and virtual tours
    • Website key word and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Local market demographic analysis
    • Marketing resources tracked for results effectiveness
    • Constant pricing and unit type discount changes based on demand

    • 2016 Visitors Choice Award Winner

      AllPropertyManagement.com (Buildium)

      "This award indicates that your company was one of the most frequently selected property management companies, selected by the millions of visitors AllPropertyManagement.com received in 2016. As All Property Management is the Internet's foremost intermediary between property management companies, the property owners, and association board members who need their services; winning this award signifies that your property management company is one of the most popular in the entire country."

    • The Power of Family

      Founded by family, Targa Real Estate Services naturally breeds a work culture that leaves staff members feeling as not only a part of a team but instills a sense of family. We strive to encompass this sense of family and personability in every interaction and transaction we make.

    • Our Mission

      Targa Real Estate Services monitors, listens, and responds to each client's main objective: to protect the asset and maximize the return on investment. Our focus, integrity and personalized attention to detail assures that we will go above and beyond

    • Michael Petramalo
      President and CEO
    • Pam Langel
    • Shirley Ely
      Director of Associations
    • Peggy Kellogg
      Director of Residential Services
    • Bud Pryor
      Director of Apartment Management
    • Julie Edmonds
      Director of Human Resources
    • Krista Scott
      Accounts Payable Manager
    • Janis Pickett
      Accounting Manager
    • Liz Detrick
      Accounting Manager
    • Kate Hinzman
      Facilities Services and Design Manager
    • Lydia Galvan
      Marketing Manager
    • Tommy Petramalo
      Commercial Operations Manager