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Try These Simple Apartment Upgrades

Try These Simple Apartment Upgrades

Keeping up with the industry can feel like a massive undertaking (and investment) but, contrary to popular belief, upgrading your rental property doesn't have to be daunting or prohibitive. You can boost your "curb appeal" with a few simple, even subtle, changes. Here's how to turn your complex into a renter's dream.

1. Simple Bathroom Updates

The simple act of putting in a rain shower head can boost the luxury factor of your rental. Installation is fast and easy and lends a spa-like quality to any shower. Other small bathroom upgrades can include swapping out your sinks and faucets for new, sleek designs that lend a touch of elegance. Lastly, don't underestimate the power of your towel racks. They're easy to swap out and can lend a fresh new look to outdated bathrooms.

2. Let There Be Lighting

The lighting in a room can change the mood of an entire home. Lighting is one of the great essentials of interior design and can have a big effect on how your property is perceived. Are your living rooms stark and cold? Are your bathrooms dim and uninviting? Time to make some changes. Updating your bathroom vanity lighting, adding dimmer switches to bedrooms, and installing mood lighting throughout your rentals will give definition to every room.

3. Kitchen Upgrades

Changing your kitchen hardware is a simple switch that can give your kitchens a total facelift. New stainless steel knobs and handles will catch the eye and a new spring faucet will provide home chefs with an appealing aesthetic that's also functional.

4. Get Smart

Smart apartments are growing in popularity as renters look for more convenience. Consider installing smart thermostats and smart wall outlets to meet demand and make life a little more tech-friendly. For an unexpected and hip change, mount wireless speakers in living rooms and bedrooms for built-in entertainment.

If you'd like to learn more about what we do and how we can help with your property management, please contact us. We can help you make small changes that have a big impact on your community.