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Why Renter’s Insurance is a Good Idea

Why Renter’s Insurance is a Good Idea

At Targa Real Estate, our residents are our main priority. Along with great amenities and welcoming communities, we also feel a sense of security is vital for the renter experience. Therefore, we’re diving into the topic of renters insurance and why residents should consider it. Only 41% of apartment renters have insurance. While many feel the cost is not worth the benefits, others simply don’t consider unforeseen damages. For those who are considering it, here are some reasons why it should be added to your priority list.

It Covers Losses

When the unexpected happens, rental insurance has you covered. Covering everything from clothes to furniture to electronics, the return on items you may have lost can add up quickly. Typical coverage is provided in case of a fire, theft, water damage, and some natural disasters.

It’s Affordable

Compared to other insurance policies, rental insurance is relatively inexpensive. Pricing factors vary depending on region, coverage, and the amount of your deductible, but in the end, the investment is worth the sense of security.

It Offers Liability Coverage

Most insurance policies include liability coverage. If someone is injured in your apartment, and they decide to take legal action, liability coverage will cover any expenses that may be incurred.

It May Cover Damage During Travel

Insurance is meant to cover payments stemming from damaged personal items, whether they are inside your apartment or with you on a trip. This varies by policy and it is worth it to read the fine print, but renters insurance may come in handy when theft or unforeseen damages occur on a trip.

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