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Make an Entrance With These Tips For Decorating a Foyer

Make an Entrance With These Tips For Decorating a Foyer

An apartment's foyer is the first thing you see every time you walk inside. Making it personal and inviting communicates just how much it means to be home at the end of a long day. At Targa Real Estate, we know the importance of a great first impression. The next time one of your residents asks for advice on apartment decorating, or if you have a rental unit for display, consider these tips.

Add Function

When you stand in your foyer, think of things you need when you enter and when you exit. If you lack a coat closet, invest in a coat tree. Coat trees have been a household staple for more than a hundred years, attesting to its popularity. From metal, skeletal trees to artistically carved wooden trees, to whimsically painted branches, you can find a tree that complements your decor and holds a small closet full of coats, bags, leashes, and hats. A small rug or carpet makes the space cozy and inviting while removing dirt and moisture from boots and shoes. If wet soles are more common than not, Martha Stewart suggests a tray filled with gravel from a gardening store so snow and water can drain to the bottom and footwear will dry faster. A small, narrow table with a basket is handy for keys, ID badges, tickets, outgoing mail, and other items you need to take with you.

Turn Up the Lights

Lighting a foyer is important. For safety and beauty, your foyer should have between 200 and 400 watts of power. If an overhead fixture does not provide sufficient lighting, consider scones or a small, decorative lamp. Motion sensor settings on your light fixtures will save on power and make the statement that you are "living green."

Add Style

Foyers are small, delightful apartment areas where you can express your personality. House Beautiful offers 49 contemporary foyer ideas for all types of home decor styles. Each thing in your foyer should serve a functional or aesthetic purpose, and all functional additions should add to the style. If you choose a basket, here is a place to add color. If adding another color would be overwhelming, add a texture. Measure the wall and floor space and carry these measurements with you. You may find the perfect decorator accent when you are looking for it. Make sure what strikes your fancy fits your foyer!

There are plenty of decorating possibilities, no matter what size apartment you manage. For more information about Targa Real Estate and how we can help your property management needs, contact us today. Or, for more tips on multifamily, check out our blog.