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Tips For Marketing Apartments to Millennials

Tips For Marketing Apartments to Millennials

When it comes to apartment marketing, one of your main priorities should be appealing to millennials. As a large group of today’s renters, millennials are not only plentiful in multifamily communities but they are also here to stay.

According to a recent study, 12.3% of renters plan to “always rent” rather than invest in a home. Therefore, it’s important to keep this generational cohort in mind when planning your marketing strategy. When doing so, here are a few things to consider:

Utilize Video

One of the most attention-grabbing forms of media is video. Video stops a user in their tracks with catchy sounds and appealing visuals that appeal to the senses. Users can also absorb information from a video much faster than when reading copy. Therefore, utilize this medium on your property website and social media handles. Host live tours of the community, create a time-lapse for a property in construction, or film a day in the life of a resident. Millennial renters are more likely to remember your property if it’s showcased in a digestible medium such as video.

Sell a Lifestyle 

When appealing to millennials, it’s important to dive deep into the value of what you are selling. An apartment is more than a home, it’s a lifestyle for renters. When creating your messaging, highlight how your community can enhance their daily routines and add value to their lives. For example, a washer and dryer in the home provides convenience and saves them time on chores, so they can focus on their ambitions or personal fulfillment.

Interact Online

Millennials are accustomed to communicating online. Therefore, a strong social media presence is vital for maintaining a connection. Start small with an Instagram and Facebook page and be sure to consistently provide community updates, amenity photos, and glimpses inside the apartments.  

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