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Four Smart Home Technology Upgrades For Your Apartment Community

Four Smart Home Technology Upgrades For Your Apartment Community

The future is here when it comes to smart home technology. With more communities than ever now offering innovative tech inside their apartments, now is the time to consider how your community can stand out. To get started, here are four upgrades to consider:

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a simple addition to your rental properties yet offers price-conscious and eco-friendly options. This thermostat is programmable and is WiFi-enabled so that residents can adjust it remotely. Moreover, these smart devices learn your residents' routines and create an efficient pattern of heating and cooling. They can also connect to a voice-activated personal assistant. All of this means lower monthly energy bills and convenience for your renters.

Smart Locks

Security is always an essential factor for a renter. Combined with convenience, smart locks provide upgraded protection for your properties. The most basic smart lock offers a numeric keypad and the most advanced offer biometrics. Regardless of the system, smart locks are more challenging to pick, offering the best security you can provide and added cool points for smart features.

Smart Security

All renters want to feel safe, and going the extra mile with smart security will provide your residents with a feeling of ease. Install cameras and motion sensors for peace of mind. Providing smart surveillance devices allows residents to pull up live feeds on their smartphone and remotely pan, zoom, and record audio. Property managers can also add motion and sound detectors, providing real-time alerts to tenants.

Smart Outlets

A simple and affordable option for adding conveniences to the property is installing smart outlets. These allow devices to be powered remotely or on a particular schedule. Turning the coffee pot on in the morning or scheduling lights to go on at a certain time will make residents feel taken care of.

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