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Online Activities To Host at Your Multifamily Property

Online Activities To Host at Your Multifamily Property

When it’s challenging to get a group of people in the same room, online events can serve as a way to build a sense of community and connection. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to gather your residents virtually. Here are a few ideas that will keep things interesting at your multifamily property.

Online Trivia

Online trivia has gained popularity in the past few months. It's a great way to connect with people without leaving your home. Trivia is competitive, fun, and keeps people connected and socializing. You can create your own quizzes, so they can be customized to your community and surrounding area. Ask questions about your city's history, famous people from your area, favorite places to visit or eat, your local sports team, and more. You can use an online quiz site that lets you design quizzes like Crowdpurr. Trivia is a great way to give your community something to do while encouraging community interaction.

Virtual Talent Show

Talent shows are a great way to get to know your neighbors. They're fun, personal, and can highlight individual members of your community. Ask your residents to showcase a talent or hobby that they have. Singing, painting, cooking, woodwork, anything goes. Once you have all the videos, compile them and share them with the whole community. You can let community members vote on a winner and give out a gift card for takeout at a local restaurant.

Patio Contest

Ask your residents to decorate their patio with a common theme in mind. Themes could be anything from Hawaiian to sports. You can send out some ideas for homemade decorations like these DIY ocean-themed ideas. Set a date for the judging and pick a winner or have a community vote. You'll give your residents something fun to work towards and have a lot of fun decor around the property as a result.

At Targa Real Estate, we believe that if you keep your residents happy and entertained, you'll build a stronger community that people will be proud to be a part of. Events like talent shows and patio decorating contests will help your residents feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves which, in turn, will make them feel proud to call your property home.

In addition to hosting community events, check out some ways you can make your property a little more eco-friendly. Targa Real Estate Services is happy to help you with property management. Contact us today!