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Improving Your Community's Pool Amenities

Improving Your Community's Pool Amenities

Summer is just about here which means there is one amenity on most resident’s minds—the pool! Now more than ever communities are enticing potential renters with on-site pool areas. Therefore, to stand out it’s important to add some extra features and maintenance to up the appeal. Here are just a few ways to make the most of your community’s pool area.

Community Toys

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to immediately upgrade a pool area is to add some community equipment to the pool. Items like pool noodles, life vests, beach balls, and diving rings are all popular options. If you are looking to go a little further, something like a water basketball hoop will make an impact.

Add Some Shade

If you have an outdoor pool, creating shaded areas is a big draw for tenants who need to be in the area but don't want to get in the water. Additions like a pergola will add a touch of class to your pool area, but even large umbrellas will be a big upgrade from nothing.

Get Cooking

Being poolside in the summer is sometimes an all-day event, so make that a little easier for your tenants by putting some outdoor grills in or around your pool area. Be sure to place them in low-traffic areas, so there is no risk to swimmers making their way around the pool.

Pool Time

Having a pool is one of the biggest benefits of apartment living, and an apartment that cares about its pool will attract and keep renters. Most of these ideas are quick and inexpensive, so they can be done in a day or so once the decision is made.

Once your pool area is looking great, consider eco-friendly upgrades as your next project! Click here for some ideas from Targa.

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