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The Long Term Impacts of COVID-19 on Multifamily

The Long Term Impacts of COVID-19 on Multifamily

With restrictions lifted and residents heading back out into the world, the influence of the pandemic on apartment living has not been top of mind. However, there are long-term impacts that still play a role when it comes to appealing to resident needs. Here are a few to consider:

Working from Home Isn't Over

In response to COVID-19, working from home went from being a unique perk to becoming the norm. Now, many offices are choosing to make their work from home situations permanent. Likewise, many companies are transitioning into hybrid work or flex work models, wherein employees are splitting their time between home and the office. So, having workspaces within your multifamily property is a big draw for any potential resident. Amenities like business centers, libraries, and coffee lounges are extremely appealing. Meanwhile, renters might also be interested in having an extra room or area within their unit to serve as a workspace.

Residents Are Hungry for Connection and Community

As it becomes safer to gather in groups, people are excited about coming together. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your community spaces and how residents can use them to be social. Plus, you'll want to nurture that feeling of community through events and initiatives that encourage residents to socialize with their neighbors.

Outdoor Amenities Are In

With COVID safety guidelines that emphasize outdoor activities, the world has found creative ways to take everything from dining to exercise classes outside. Accordingly, many people have cultivated a newfound appreciation for outdoor spaces in their apartment communities. This can include outdoor gathering spaces—such as fire pits, grill areas, roof decks, and pools, as well as biking and walking paths.

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