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3 Ways to Market Your Community on Instagram

3 Ways to Market Your Community on Instagram

Using social media is a great way to market your multifamily community. There are different ways that you can best utilize different platforms. In turn, you can reach people in the community to connect residents and strengthen your multifamily community's social media presence. Since photo content is popular and easy to use, here are three ways from Targa Real Estate to market your multifamily community on Instagram.

Live Tours of an Apartment Unit or The Community

Take advantage of Instagram's live broadcast feature to provide tours in real-time, accessible to the community of Instagram users. You can showcase an available unit by covering key areas that residents look for like kitchens and bathrooms. Try not to make your tour too long so that users are more likely to watch. Narrate as you would during an in-person tour and broadcast during times with lots of natural light in the units.

You can also do live tours of your multifamily community and amenities. For example, these could be recurring and each features a different amenity, like the pool, gym, or business center.

Repost Resident Photos

When residents tag your multifamily community on photos or using hashtags, reposting images is a personal touch that shows you're paying attention. Consult your legal team on the best course of action and if you should ask for permission before reposting.

To repost, you will need a reposting app. There are various apps to choose from, but many will show a symbol for reposting along with the original poster's username.

Repost Content From Local Businesses

Use the same reposting app to share content from local businesses. This is another way to establish a presence in the community. Showcasing businesses and shops near your multifamily community is an awesome way to show the benefits of living in the area. Businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and independent shops like bookstores are good choices, but most local businesses will do.

In addition to these ways to market your community on Instagram, check out these rental property trends. To find out more about Tacoma, WA, property management, contact us.