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5 Smart Home Trends To Consider For Your Community

5 Smart Home Trends To Consider For Your Community

At first, everyone thought a smart home could only happen in sci-fi movies. Although smart technology hasn't tried to replicate the big screen, it has made great strides. Smart homes keep improving with the introduction of more technologically advanced devices each day. At Targa Real Estate, we highlight five smart home trends that can transform a home into a modern place for the future and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to brands like Amazon or Alexa, people are now familiar with AI. Artificial intelligence keeps improving by the day. AI can be used as an assistive technology in smart homes in different ways, such as playing music, managing to-do lists, controlling lighting, and much more.

Smart Thermostats

Arguably, smart thermostats rank second (after smart speakers) when it comes to the adoption of smart home technologies. They can be used to adjust temperatures to desired levels. The best part is that they're easy to install and ideal for all rooms of the house.

High-Speed Internet Connection

One must-have home technology for the future is the mesh WIFI to access the internet. Slow connections or the dead zones that are caused by moving away from the router will no longer be a challenge. All areas of your home will have a high-speed internet connection. A connected home is a smart home.

Increased Security

Smart security solutions are now being used in smart homes to enhance security inside and outside the house. For instance, you can control the people accessing your house from your phone.

Home Offices

Smart home office solutions are in high demand, thanks to the increased need for working remotely. Some of the latest smart home office techs include noise-canceling windows and even AI solutions for concealing messy rooms when on video calls.

Targa Real Estate Management believes in smart technology and its benefits when managing a multifamily home. Contact us today to learn more about the multifamily industry.