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Tips For Successful Property Maintenance

Tips For Successful Property Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, a little extra organization can go a long way. Rather than addressing problems when they occur, being proactive and planning maintenance strategies can save money and boost efficiency. Here are a few ways to better your property maintenance in 2022.

Consistent Maintenance Records

Having a simple, regular record-keeping system will do wonders for maintenance. To make services as productive as possible, make the most of it by having a consistently clear list of current maintenance needs. By recording maintenance needs in one central place, you will enhance efficiency, be able to multitask, and cut costs.

Mapping Out Utility System Equipment

Another necessity is a site plan to know at a glance the location of vital utility equipment like water main shut-off valves, water heaters, furnaces, fuse boxes, etc. Get some graph paper, and see these tips from to get you started. Make sure your renters know if their unit has any of these devices inside their unit, and write into their lease that you need access to that equipment during emergencies.

Create Relationships

Building a relationship with vendors is a great way to address your service needs. Choose someone dependable and trustworthy. For example, when a unit goes vacant, consider partnering with a professional local cleaning service. You'll support local businesses while making sure you're prepared to show off vacant units ASAP.

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