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Start the New Year off Right with Great Equipment for Your Community Fitness Center

Start the New Year off Right with Great Equipment for Your Community Fitness Center

With the new year upon us, many people are setting fitness goals. Targa Real Estate knows that it's also a great time to incorporate new fitness equipment into your community fitness center. Not only will your residents appreciate it, but it will keep your multifamily community competitive and desirable. Here's the equipment that's trending right now.

Smart Exercise Bikes

At-home exercise bikes have been all the rage, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice space and cost to keep one. That's why adding exercise bikes with display screens and guided workouts will be a great addition to community fitness centers. Depending on your budget, there are several options available, many of which can sync workouts with wearable technology or smartphone apps.

Rowing Machines

Another classic piece of workout equipment for a community fitness center, rowing machines are marveled for effective, low-impact workouts. There are even luxurious, sought-after machines like the Hydrow Rower which is streamlined and modern. It's also a smart piece of fitness equipment and adding a monthly subscription to the workout library allows for unlimited profiles, which is great for residents.


Always popular, treadmills remain a desirable, trendy piece of exercise equipment. Like other machines, there are different price points and models available. Treadmills allow all-season workout options that your residents will love, especially in cold and rainy months. While you're upgrading your community fitness center, a treadmill with a touchscreen or smart app integration is a bonus. However, a reliable, more affordable model is also awesome.

Stepping up fitness equipment in your community fitness center is a solid business decision. Besides the gym, adding a coffee bar is another great idea in multifamily communities. For more great ideas about Tacoma, WA property management, contact us at Targa Real Estate.