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Three Ways Recycling Benefits Your Real Estate Management Processes

Three Ways Recycling Benefits Your Real Estate Management Processes

Not only does recycling help the environment by reducing the waste sent to landfills, but it also reduces water and air pollution and conserves our natural resources. Starting recycling also benefits your multifamily community in several ways, including reduced costs for waste removal.

Enhancing your community's green amenities attracts new, environmentally conscious tenants. These tenants are more aware of their surroundings and how their actions impact them. This means a different level of tenant for you, your property, and your maintenance and repairs.

Cleaner Complex

When recycling is an option, people become more aware of where their waste goes. Recycling encourages residents to think about what's in their waste and the best place to put it. This can lead to less mess around dumpsters and less litter in the complex.

Make sure that it's easy for your residents to recycle. Different colored dumpsters and clear signage for what is and isn't recyclable means it's easy to see where their waste should go.

Better Community

Making an effort to take care of the environment helps residents feel like they're in this together. And feeling like they're part of a team means your tenants are more likely to stick with recycling.

To increase this feeling of being part of a group, you can host recycling drives and educational events to discuss what is and isn't recyclable.

Lower Waste Bills

One of the best benefits of recycling in your multifamily properties is that it helps cut down on costs. With more recycling comes less waste, and this means that you're paying less for waste collection.

The National Apartment Association encourages waste audits. This means observing your residents' waste habits for at least a week to see what types of recyclable waste end up in the trash. This allows you to adjust the size and types of containers you organize for recyclable materials, as well as figure out how often you need that recycling collected.

The State of Washington's Department of Ecology offers valuable information about recycling programs and offers detailed information about regulations, research, and local projects for Tacoma, WA property management.

Multifamily recycling in Tacoma has gained traction since the city expanded its program, and this means better resources for you and your residents.

Join other multifamily communities in increasing recycling amenities and creating great resident programs. You can also contact us today to learn more about what we offer and other services at Targa.