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Engage Your Community and Inspire Spring Cleaning

Engage Your Community and Inspire Spring Cleaning

It's officially spring, the season where many love to clean, organize, and open up the windows to let the fresh air in. Celebrate the season of renewal by inspiring your residents to make the most of their spring cleaning. Here are a few ways to embrace the process in your multifamily community.

Make It Easy to Share Gently Used Furnishings

You may be surprised by how many people may be interested in items you no longer want. Create a community board, in real life or perhaps online where residents can post items they are selling or simply giving away.

An Easy Way to Donate to Charitable Organizations

An idea for engaging your community is to make a difference together. Charitable organizations are always looking for donations. Some of them make it easy and offer a pickup service. With a list of everything your residents are interested in donating, your apartment community may have a lot to help others in need.

Share Spring Cleaning Tips and Services

Spread the good word by sharing spring cleaning tips, products, and advice! Whether you have a blog, social media, or even general to-do lists for residents to check off, they will feel supported in the process with your input.

Ask Residents to Share Their Results

Celebrate everyone's mutual accomplishments by having residents post pictures of their clean apartments to social media. Or, host a community gathering to celebrate the season and new beginnings.

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