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Westhampton Easter Egg Hunt!

Looking for ways to engage your community? Hosting events whether it’s for a holiday or even for fun is a great way to build engagement as well as a great place for your residents to call home.

Our community Westhampton held an Easter egg hunt last week for their residents. The best part about it was that most of the gifts that were given to the residents were from local vendors. Bonnie, the property manager, did a great job of setting up and making sure there were tons of activities for everyone.

There was an easter egg hunt for the kids and a raffle for the adults, complete with tons of games.

This was an excellent opportunity to either celebrate Easter or springtime! There was no better feeling than seeing all of these people gathered together for the first time since COVID.

Watching kids pour through the door and seeing our managers interact with all of her residents was truly an experience. Although not everyone participates in celebrating Easter, it was a great way to introduce spring and celebrate a new season!