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Try These Interior Upgrades For Your Multifamily Community

Try These Interior Upgrades For Your Multifamily Community

As more and more multifamily communities spring up, it is vital to be aware of the latest trending interior features that renters will look for to enjoy a more enhanced lifestyle. While painting is always easy to create a fresh look, you may want to consider additional ways to upgrade a multifamily community, especially apartment interiors. These attractive interior upgrades will give you exciting changes to announce in your marketing news.

Flooring Upgrades: Select What Is Appealing, Affordable, and Functional

There are lots of attractive options today that can make apartments look luxurious. Once you understand the different flooring types, you will find it easier to select the most functional ones that will add value to your property.

While carpet is always an option in living areas and bedrooms, carpeting requires more in-depth cleaning, especially after residents leave. There are great selections of functional flooring that allow residents to add area rugs for decor and warmth.

Kitchens need a floor that is "durable and easy to clean" to stay appealing. A bathroom is a place that will have the most moisture, and stone or vinyl flooring are the best options to consider.

Appliances: Depreciation Helps Save for Upgrades and Additions

If you're new to multifamily property ownership or not taking advantage of appliance depreciation, be sure you're not missing out on savings that can help you upgrade or add new appliances. "The IRS categorizes appliances as assets and provides set depreciation amounts depending on the appliance type and length of time. Real estate owners can then claim this depreciation amount as a deduction on their annual tax returns. Over time, this deduction can help redeem some of the initial costs of purchasing new appliances."

Due to convenience and/or hygienic reasons, some people do not like using community washers and dryers. There are stackable units that don't require too much space.

Either of these two interior upgrades in Tacoma can appeal to your residents and applicants. Our team of experts at Targa Real Estate Services offers all-inclusive services. We're here to deliver exceptional service for the best property management.