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4 Ideas to Elevate Your Multifamily Community’s Design

4 Ideas to Elevate Your Multifamily Community’s Design

Do you want to attract more residents to your multifamily residential property? Worry no more because Targa Real Estate is here to guide you. Making minor modifications to your community will attract more renters since it will increase their comfort. Here are some suggestions to elevate your apartment design in Tacoma.


Install smart locks instead of traditional locks so that the elderly can enter the building without fumbling with their keys. Some smart locks can be unlocked without entering a code by tapping the device with a key fob. Additional security features like security cameras and panic buttons can also go a long way.


Ensure you set up outdoor lighting across the entirety of your property. Utilize moving lights in places like the entryway to guarantee that elderly tenants can enter the building safely to reduce the risk of falls and collisions. All regions of the structure should have improved lighting. Increased illumination will make it easier for tenants to see obstacles and increase their safety.


Ensure that your building and units are accessible by wheelchair. Some tenants require outside ramps and elevators in multistory structures. The bathrooms in your units must be able to be converted into handicap-accessible alternatives with grab bars and reinforced tub flooring if necessary.

Amenities and Neighborhood

Create one-of-a-kind opportunities for residents to interact and foster a community spirit. Consider making the building pet-friendly. Pets provide emotional consolation and company to some people. Allowing tiny cats and dogs into your home can increase its desirability among pet owners. Amenities such as a pool, fitness center, on-site laundry, and outdoor areas are excellent for attracting seniors. Residents will be delighted if there are several enjoyable things to engage in and locations to gather with friends.

All residents should feel protected and at ease in their residence. Keep these recommendations in mind and combine them with these interior upgrade ideas to transform your apartment design in Tacoma. Contact us today to learn more about the world of multifamily.