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4 Simple and Smart Multifamily Apartment Upgrades

4 Simple and Smart Multifamily Apartment Upgrades

Smart homes are one of the latest trends in luxury apartments and townhomes. If you own a multifamily property and want to increase the appeal with unit upgrades, consider these tech-savvy adjustments that will add ease to everyday tasks.

Here are the four simplest smart home upgrades that any property owner or real estate management professional can make.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are battery-powered and function like normal door locks with a responsive Wi-Fi control system. Keypad locks can give a unique code to every family member and even timed code access for guests and services. Plus, residents can schedule a nightly lock-up through the app.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells wire in like any other doorbell, but with a drastically increased feature set. The doorbells also act as front porch security cameras, front door intercoms, and a virtual peep-hole. Combining a video doorbell with a smart lock, residents can check the front porch, unlock the door, and invite visitors to come on in - from the comfort of anywhere in the house.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats, like doorbells, wire right into the typical thermostat location. The upgrade is in the look, feel, and advanced "auto" features, including adaptive schedules and easy mobile app controls. As a plus, you and your tenants will also enjoy increased energy efficiency from a more intuitive thermostat.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Replacing the kitchen appliances? If so, then consider going "smart" with the next refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher upgrade in your units. These are novel features that make a smart home feel "complete." Also, it's an easy plug-and-play installation when you are already swapping appliances.

Bonus: Property Wi-Fi

Here's an easy way to make your smart-home units smooth and luxurious: property Wi-Fi. Use a Wi-Fi mesh network to provide a strong signal to all smart devices on the property so they always work flawlessly.

Multifamily property management is all about keeping up with the market and pleasing today's residents with the right upgrades. Smart home upgrades can be fast and simple, with a big impact on the interest and rental value of your homes. Contact us today for more multi-family property insights.