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4 Landscaping Tricks for Your Multifamily Community

4 Landscaping Tricks for Your Multifamily Community

Whether you want to increase the appeal of your community or build new amenities for the residents, landscaping is one of the best "no-construction" ways to improve a multifamily design. You can make your property more artistic and functional, and you can invite outdoor living with just a few quick changes. Here are four landscaping tricks from Targa Real Estate.

Plant a Nature Walk

A large, spacious lawn can be appealing. But if you have broad grounds, they can create a better lifestyle experience if filled with pathways and plantings. Turn your landscaping into a nature walk with a winding path shaded with sun-dappled leaves. A dry creek, an artistic bridge, and the occasional bench will transform your lawn into a park for the residents instead.

Level the Playing Field — Literally

Level your lawn. If you have a natural sloping green around the multi-family homes, level it out as a playing field. Add soft boundaries, soccer goals, or perhaps posts to hand a net in the middle. Give your community somewhere to play and hold barbecues on the lawn.

Pave a Picnic Patio

Speaking of barbecues and picnics, pave a patio. Give your residents a gathering place with pavement and picnic tables. You can also add charcoal grills to enjoy warm summer days and cool autumn nights. You can create an impromptu venue space for households or even a gathering space where residents will meet and form a stronger community.

Create Shapes with Concrete

Want your property to feel more artistic and holistically engineered? Use shapely concrete. Sweeping concrete in gentle colors can tame a property and give it a designer look, especially around the pool, patio, parking, or lobby areas.

Great multifamily outdoor design allows you to change how your residents enjoy the property when you're not ready for interior upgrades. For more multifamily property management insights, contact us today!