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Fun Ways to Host a Staycation at Your Multifamily Community

Fun Ways to Host a Staycation at Your Multifamily Community

Summer is here! The season of leisurely days and hours spent under the sun has officially arrived. With vacations on the mind, now is a great time to organize community events and activities that brings that sense of leisure home.

Here are a few ways to keep your residents entertained this summer.

Game Nights

People love trivia, bingo, and other games for lively competition. You can set up in a clubhouse and have residents battle it out for fun prizes. If the event is a hit consider making it a monthly or weekly event and host tournaments that residents will look forward to.

Outdoor Movie Evenings

Bring your community together with an evening under the stars while watching a fun flick. If you don't already have the equipment to be ready for an outdoor movie night, check out Fun Flicks and rent the equipment. We recommend sending out a survey so residents can choose which movie they would like to see.

Poolside Entertainment Sunsets

Musical entertainment by the pool is a simple way to give your residents a place to enjoy hanging out during the summer evenings. They can also enjoy spending time with neighbors. Invite residents to watch a beautiful sunset with a snack bar of desserts or ice cream. Then watch your community come together. Before you look outside your community, you may have residents who would love to share their musical talents. It's another way to bring neighbors together.

Let the Food Trucks Roll in for Lunch or Dinner

Many people love going to events to sample the different edibles that food truck owners love to prepare. Why not let the food trucks roll into your multifamily communities this summer? Give your residents a fun way to eat out without leaving the property. Here is some help in understanding 2022 average prices and how to find food trucks that are available in your city.

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