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Consider These Smart Innovations For Your Multifamily Community

Consider These Smart Innovations For Your Multifamily Community

With innovation in the tech world comes renters who are desiring savvy features in their living spaces. From smart locks to innovative appliances, we’ve put together a list of features that will help you stand out among the competition.

Digital Kitchen Appliances

Complete the experience with digital appliances and LED lights in every direction. Make sure your stove, microwave, and refrigerator are polished with clear and responsive digital controls. You don't need smart appliances, but exposed electric burners would seem out of place.

Smart Door Lock and Doorbell

Greet your high-tech tenants with a smart door. Install a smart door lock with a keypad for security and a smart doorbell. The glowing doorbell and keypad alone make your unit feel more advanced, while the security is appreciated by residents and property managers alike.

High-Speed Internet

If you want your residents to plug in and begin enjoying their apartment immediately, offer in-house internet. You can choose between cable, fiber, and mesh Wi-Fi networks, but it needs to accommodate high-speed streaming demands. Also, each apartment needs a fair amount of bandwidth when occupied.

Power-Ready Desk and Office Chair

Many people are now at-home professionals all or some of the time. This means the home office space has become a necessity, and high-tech apartments need to provide well-equipped business centers. Therefore, consider incorporating one into your community amenities with standing desks and contemporary monitors.

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