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Multifamily Summer Renovation Ideas

Multifamily Summer Renovation Ideas

With the sun shining, it's the perfect time for summer home renovations for your multifamily property. But what are the best home improvement projects with a high return on investment? Here are a few to consider.

Upgrading Windows

One of the best summer renovations with a high ROI is upgrading windows. Besides enhancing the value of your multifamily property, this project can help increase energy efficiency. The best option is to install dual-pane windows that eliminate street noise and inefficient heating and air conditioning. For the best results, outsource the task to a reputable window installation company in your locality.

Enhancing Security Systems

Improving security systems in your multifamily property can help decrease the cost of property insurance. For example, insurance firms will reduce insurance premiums by as much as 25% if you install an efficient security system. It's also an excellent enhancement that will build confidence in your tenants that they live in a secure environment. Security is a key consideration for tenants when searching for their ideal multifamily community.

Improving Roofing and Gutters

Summer is the perfect time for roof and gutter inspection. Based on the inspection reports, you can consider repairing or installing a new roof or gutters. Roof and gutter renovation will help keep your multifamily property in good shape and protect it from weather damage, excess moisture, and leakages. Ignoring roof and gutter renovations can cause costly repairs in the future and reduced occupancy in your multifamily property.


If you're searching for affordable renovation projects with a high ROI, then painting your multifamily property is ideal. Painting offers dramatic results with minimal investment. Hire a dependable contractor to handle the project. The professional painters will help you choose warm and inviting colors to enhance the curb appeal of your multifamily property.

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