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4 Tips for Your Multifamily Community’s Fitness Center

4 Tips for Your Multifamily Community’s Fitness Center

One of the most common amenities residents will find in their multifamily community is a fitness center. Now more than ever, renters are seeking communities that embrace wellness and an up-to-date community gym will satisfy that need.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating what you have, here are some tips to help you create a competitive fitness center.

3:1 Cardio to Strength Machines for Every 100 Residents

For every 100 residents, you'll want about three cardio machines and at least one full-body strength training station. Start with at least one treadmill and two other low-impact cardio machines like an elliptical bike or rowing machine. Strength training can be a multi-gym or a rack of weights and a lifting cage.

Rent Your Workout Machines Instead of Buying

When it comes to workout machines, it's often more cost-effective to rent instead of buy. Renting often comes with a service package, and you'll be replacing this costly equipment in just a few years for undamaged and higher-tech models, anyway.

Expand a Small Fitness Room to a Spacious Patio

If your fitness room space isn't big enough, build out the patio. Consider a flat grassy lawn or paved and covered patio — or even a stylish wooden deck — for outdoor yoga and free weights fitness while the machines are safe indoors.

In fact, with lighter machines, you can even roll them outdoors on nice days for springtime spinning classes.

Don't Forget the Yoga/Pilates Gear

Don't forget the machine-free workout equipment. This creates space for stretches, yoga, pilates, and other floor exercises in open gym space or on the patio. Stock up on yoga mats, jump ropes, resistance bands, hula hoops, exercise balls, and other floor workout supplies. The whole lot is likely still less costly than a single workout machine. Depending on your location and demographics, a hanging punching bag may also be a big hit.

Upgrading your apartment fitness room in Tacoma shouldn’t complicate day-to-day operations, especially with the right maintenance plans for the whole complex. For more great insights on how to effectively manage an apartment community or multi-family property, contact us today!