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3 Tricks to Optimize Sunlight in Your Multifamily Property

3 Tricks to Optimize Sunlight in Your Multifamily Property

Every building is hit by the sun in a certain way. There are rooms and angles that catch the morning or afternoon sun, rooms that glow all day, and some windows that see nothing but cool shade. This has created a challenge for multifamily property owners in the past, as shady-side apartments or dark living rooms can make potential residents turn away. On the other hand, others prefer the cool shade. As a property manager, you can turn sunlight and shadow into an asset in your community design. Here are a few tricks from Targa Real Estate to help you optimize sunlight.

Grow a Lush Garden on the Shadowed Side

If your property forms a shadowy building side or surrounds a shadowed courtyard, grow a garden. Turn the shade into a cool green asset where the deep shadow is attributed to a green canopy of treetops and the muffling effect of flowering bushes.

Residents will feel that the garden is an amenity and subconsciously know what to expect from shaded garden-side rooms. If there is not enough green space, large planters and artificial awnings can be used to a similar effect.

Offer a Choice: Sunlit vs. Garden View Rooms

With your garden landscaped, market your units as having sunlit vs. garden views. Units that face both sides can mention rooms that are either sunny or feature garden views. This turns your pattern of sunlight into an asset that tenants can choose. Some will actively prefer the darker garden units, while others will know they need a sunny kitchen window — and will appreciate your mention in the unit description.

Use Sun and Shade in Grounds Design

Finally, turn your consideration of sunlight toward grounds design. Place seating under shady canopies and in the longest building shadows while the pool and grassy sports fields should catch plenty of sunshine. For your finishing touch, add a winding walking path with routes through shaded and sunlit stretches.

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