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4 Ways to Prevent Winter Maintenance Problems

4 Ways to Prevent Winter Maintenance Problems

Multifamily maintenance can change with the season, especially during winter. Frozen drains, burst pipes, failing heaters, and rattling windows are all common problems that are completely avoidable.

As the weather gets colder, Targa Real Estate Services is here to help with proactive tips that will have your community in its best shape.

1. Send Around a Complimentary HVAC Tech

HVAC failures are among the most common and serious problems. Make sure none of your tenants experiences a critical HVAC failure by sending around your best HVAC tech in the fall for a complimentary tune-up. Since HVAC repairs are your purview, this is a good opportunity to make sure those large appliances are well cared for.

2. Pre-Insulate Internal Pipes

In the fall, insulate the pipes of any unit that turns over and offer to send a plumber (or insulation tubes and instructions) to every one of your tenants. Insulating the pipes early won't hurt them in summer, but it will keep them safe and flowing in winter. While you're at it, offer to re-caulk any rattling windows and weather-strip any drafty doors.

3. Arrange a Snow-Clearing Service

In regions where it snows, multi-family property managers often pre-book snow clearing services so that the plow arrives after each heavy snow and already knows where your curbs are underneath the icy layer. This also ensures your tenants can safely traverse the building and parking areas any time there is heavy snow.

A few winter maintenance measures can keep your property emergency-free and undamaged by winter conditions. Contact us today to learn more top tips on multifamily management.