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3 Easy Ways to Implement Multifamily Property Technology Trends

3 Easy Ways to Implement Multifamily Property Technology Trends

The future of multifamily property management is increasingly innovative, with new technologies emerging at an accelerating pace, giving property owners an edge when it comes to the competition. To take your operations up a notch, Targa Real Estate offers insights on three multifamily property technology trends you should keep an eye on.

3D modeling and augmented reality

3D modeling is a technology that can be used for the construction and renovation process of a multifamily property. It helps architects, engineers, and property owners collaborate on designs in real-time, regardless of location, so you can build the design team of your dreams. Augmented reality can also be used to create virtual models of your property so you can give potential renters a tour of your home from any computer or mobile device.

Digitalized property management tools

From renter applications to maintenance requests, using [digital software]9 to manage your property can offer time-saving benefits and efficiencies. These cloud-based programs can also help you track rental payments, lease renewals, and advertise vacancies on popular property search sites like Zillow and Using multifamily property technology trends, like digitization, reduces the need to be on-site, so you have more flexibility to manage your units any time you need to be away.

Smart security

Smart building trends go beyond energy-efficient appliances. Implement popular features like doorbell cameras and auto-lighting that are accessible directly from a mobile device. Smart locks that utilize keypad codes instead of physical keys make it convenient to reset the lock between tenants, avoiding the time and cost of regular door lock changes.

Using multifamily property technology trends can help owners boost the value of their homes while offering convenient, modern features to tenants. While digitization is a major part of the future for property management, physical home features, like [quality landscaping]9, help increase curb appeal and improve community amenities.

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