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Top Tips for Security Best Practices for Multifamily Homes

Top Tips for Security Best Practices for Multifamily Homes

Security best practices for multifamily homes are an essential means to prevent unwanted access to your property. It offers residents a sense of safety and comfort, knowing their loved ones and belongings are protected. Check out these top tips from Targa Real Estate to ensure your property remains a safe haven for your tenants.

Keyless Entry

One of the many methods for adding smart technology to your home, a keyless entry for primary entrances also acts as a practical means to keep your multifamily home secure. Instead of traditional keys that can be lost or duplicated, you can assign each tenant a private, unique code that they can use to access the building. Codes can also be updated between tenants, so you won't have to deal with lock replacements and new keys.

Motio Sensor Floodlights

Another easy way to implement security best practices for multifamily homes is by installing motion sensor floodlights. Triggered by any activity around the property, these lights help illuminate walkways, parking areas, and porches. An easy yet effective deterrent for unwanted visitors, floodlights are also a great way to prevent accidents residents may experience caused by dark stairs, landscaping, and fallen debris.

Securin Windows and Doors

With so many technological advances in home security, it's easy to forget any physical vulnerability of your property. While performing seasonal maintenance, check doors and windows for cracks, wear, or other signs of deterioration. Replace fixtures as necessary with strong, high-quality materials that resist physical force.

Security best practices for multifamily homes are an easy way to maintain a safe retreat for your renters. To learn more about multifamily home management or to hire a pro, contact our team today. With the best expertise in the local Tacoma area, we're here to help you strengthen your residential property investment.