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Tech Tools for Seamless Multifamily Property Management

Tech Tools for Seamless Multifamily Property Management

Several tasks and elements go into managing multifamily properties. These functions range from tracking payments and tenant requests to handling leads, repairs, communication, showings, and notices. It would be best if you had suitable management tools to ensure your property sticks out and no activity falls through the crack. Here are technologies you can use for effective administration.


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system provides a one-stop shop for multifamily property management. You can store comprehensive tenant data for a 360-degree view at a glance. This feature ensures superior KYC (know your customer) for better needs management. A CRM also helps to automate notices and announcements, enhancing effective communication. Further, you can leverage its powerful lead generation and management capabilities for increased sales.

3D Tours

As a multifamily property business manager, you're probably aware of virtual tours. But to stand out, try 3D tours, which provide a real-life visualization. You can wow potential tenants by enabling them to view the space from different angles. Also, unlike the strict walkthroughs in regular virtual tours, they can choose specific rooms to visit. As such, 3D concepts bring the property to life, unfolding each aspect right before the viewer's eyes. The renter will visualize themselves in the home, increasing the likelihood of signing up.

Tenant Portal

With a tenant portal, your residents can access information effortlessly. You'll eliminate numerous isolated single communications or back-and-forth. Tenants can log into the portal to access information about their accounts, payments, and confidential notices. It's also excellent for paperless receipting, among various other benefits.

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