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Multifamily Trends: What Do We Expect in 2023?

Multifamily Trends: What Do We Expect in 2023?

Managing an apartment involves more than just giving your current tenants excellent service. It also entails keeping up with architectural and multifamily design trends that will update your home and appeal to all generations. Here are the top 2023 flooring trends that our Targa real estate team identified.


The focus of biophilic design is on our relationships with nature. By adding natural elements such as sunlight, ventilation, and plant growth, property owners can provide occupants with a sense of connection to nature through biophilic design concepts. Since it tackles the lack of life in today's built world, biophilic design is trendy in 2023.


mixed-use building houses both commercial and residential tenants. This type of building enables residents and employees to benefit from the best of both worlds, in contrast to structures that are exclusively commercial or residential. In other words, mixed-use structures are a type of "third-place" property. Third-place locations are places where people can spend their leisure time as opposed to just living in a space. Buildings with a mix of uses improve a neighborhood's walkability and density. Due to the negative environmental and economic effects of driving, many choose to live in highly walkable locations.


Today, renters are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, meaning they are attracted to proptech facilities that make their lives easier. The ease-of-use of automated and internet-connected systems is unparalleled today. Smart technology has also transformed access control. Residents will appreciate features including a smartphone app allowing them to open doors remotely for their visitors. They will also appreciate smart intercoms that incorporate other essential property management systems, including leasing and rent roll software.

You can employ a variety of multifamily home design trends to enhance a number of aspects of living for your tenants. To get more information about multifamily property design trends from our real estate management, please contact us today.