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Warm Up with These 5 Ideas for Winter-Themed Resident Events

Warm Up with These 5 Ideas for Winter-Themed Resident Events

During the chilly season, it can be tempting to stay inside and cozy up alone. However, there are many ways to connect with others, especially for residents of a Targa Real Estate community. To help foster a sense of community, host winter-themed events to get residents off the couch and into a common area. Here are a few fun ideas.

1) Movie Night

No matter what time of year, movie nights are a fun and easy way to draw in residents. Whether you plan to show a Disney classic or a holiday favorite, your next movie night will be a success. For an even bigger crowd, provide complimentary refreshments. 

2) Making Winter Decorations

With fitting decor, your residents' homes will feel full and exciting. Help them add winter flare to their environment by hosting a DIY day. You would be surprised how simple DIY can be, with much of what you need already within reach. Make snowflakes with craft sticks, use twigs and pinecones to create custom wreaths, or even design cozy candle holders. 

3) Yoga Class

Much like animals in hibernation, humans also prefer to stay indoors and exert little effort during the winter, but too much time on the couch is sure to drive anyone stir-crazy. Exercise is both fun and energizing when done right. Host a yoga class to get your residents moving. 

4) Potluck

There is no better time of year to sample some warm, hearty grub. Start by serving tasty chili and soups, then encourage residents to bring their own dishes to ease some of the pressure. Remember to provide crackers for dipping!

5) Hot Chocolate Bar

Though set-up may sound daunting to any new hosts, it is simple and easy with the right equipment. Ditch the Swiss Miss and make your hot chocolate in-house to impress your guests. Include a variety of toppings such as marshmallows, candy canes, and peppermint bark. 

At Targa Real Estate Services, we believe in having a great time all year round. These fun winter activities will surely bring a smile to your residents' faces. Contact us for more tips on enjoying the community during this winter season.