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7 Tips for Enhancing Your Property's Social Media Presence

7 Tips for Enhancing Your Property's Social Media Presence

Social media is a must for promoting your property in this day and age. Of course, with all the competition, just making a profile and expecting customers to flock to your page is not enough. Still, when used correctly, this form of online marketing will pique the curiosity of future tenants from all over. Here are seven tips from Targa Real Estate for boosting your property's social media presence. 

1) Sign Up for The Right Platforms

While signing up for every social media app is tempting, a more thoughtful approach would be to keep your target audience in mind. The average real estate buyer is at least 40 years old, so it isn't helpful in this case to focus all your efforts on an app like TikTok, which mainly teenagers use. According to Easy Agent Pro, the best platforms for real estate agents include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, so those should be your highest priority. 

2) Fill Out Your Profile Completely

It is essential to look professional on your accounts to make a great first impression on future tenants. Select a profile photo and banner photo, and fill out your bio with your office address and relevant links such as your website and other socials. 

3) Create Content for the Local Community

The next step is creating content for those in your current location. Experiment with different mediums like photos, videos, and social media posts to tell your followers about upcoming events in the area. 

4) Post Consistently

Too often, we've seen once-active social media pages gradually grow silent. Keep your socials up-to-date by making it a priority to post regularly. Keep in mind that this will look different depending on which platform you use. For example, you should post two to five times a day on Facebook, but one to two posts daily works great for LinkedIn. 

5) Keep An Eye on Analytics

These are the statistics for tracking how often others interact with your account and when. Monitor your impressions, engagement, demographics, and more to know if your marketing strategy works on that platform. If not, it's time to make a change.

6) Engage with Followers

Social media is all about making new connections, and there's no better way to do that than by engaging with others. Like and comment on other users' posts, share relevant content, and respond to any DMs within 24 hours. 

7) Use Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Have you ever felt safe buying a product online with no ratings or reviews? We didn't think so. Encourage happy clients to leave a positive review. You can also reach out to past buyers to speak out on your behalf for even more credibility. 

Social media marketing can initially seem complicated, but with time and patience, you will build an excellent online following that will spread the word about your properties and land you customers. Contact us today for more marketing tips.

Social Media Summary: Are you having trouble making your presence known online? Your socials are sure to succeed with these seven tips.