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3 Ideas for Spring Resident Events

3 Ideas for Spring Resident Events

Spring brings new energy to your property. Spend less time huddled under blankets and more time out and about. Consider hosting an event to build and strengthen relationships with your residents. It's a chance for those who live on your property to get to know you and each other. Here are three spring event ideas from Targa Real Estate for property managers to host for residents. 

Have a Flower Arranging Party

Take advantage of the season's freshly blooming flowers and growing plants. A party for flower or plant arrangements is a creative way to socialize with your residents and infuse some life and color into your living spaces. Select a few types of flowers and organize them to your liking into small containers. Bring in a floral design teacher if you want expert guidance.

Hold a picnic

Host a picnic-style lunch or dinner. It can be indoors if you want. Spread a checkered tablecloth over a large table and serve spring-appropriate foods like fruits and vegetables. Make it a potluck to involve your residents. Place a picnic basket in the property's front or on different floors if a gathering is too much. Fill them with a few treats. Moving season usually picks up in the spring, so show appreciation with a thank-you card for remaining your tenant.

Sponsor a tag sale

Spring cleaning is typical, but you and your tenants don't have to do it alone. Set up a couple of tables and ask your residents to bring items in reasonably good condition. Residents can mingle while freeing themselves of things they no longer want. It's a chance to declutter your spaces and build ties with your neighbors. Donate any leftover items to a local charity. Ask your residents to choose the charity.

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