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How to Turn Your Unloved Green Space Into a Community Recreation Area

How to Turn Your Unloved Green Space Into a Community Recreation Area

Green space is an important part of any multifamily property. Green spaces offer a breath of fresh air and room to breathe to your tenants and often serve important property maintenance purposes as well. However, it's very common for your carefully maintained stretch of yard to go unloved, even when you put out picnic tables and footpaths.

Here are a few ways to make your greenspace into an attractive recreation area that your tenants actually use.


Stake Out a Soccer Pitch

On a short budget, one of the best things you can do with an open field is stake down soccer goals at either end.  Local kids can play with soccer balls or any ball they have. Tether balls are equally affordable and come with their own attached ball. On pavement, add basket ball hoops, hopscotch paths, and foursquare quads.


Add Grills and Shade to the Picnic Tables

If your picnic tables aren't attracting crowds, try adding an attractive shady pagoda overhead and grills to encourage summer barbecues. A well-placed outdoor outlet for music and phone charging might be the magic ingredient to make your green space into a gathering space for tenants and their friends.


Plant Flowering Bushes and Raised Flower Beds

Turn your plain lawn into a fragrant and shady garden with flowering bushes and raised flower beds. You can do lot on a modest budget by working with your landscaper to create a more dynamic and attractive garden space with hidden seating and shady reading nooks.


Start Throwing Events on the Green

Start planning events that make use of your grassy lawn. Host movies on the green, community barbecues, Halloween bashes, and winter wonderland designs that will build happy memories and a community feel into your multi-family green space.


Show the real community potential of your green space by giving your residents a reason to gather and truly enjoy the property. For more great ideas on how to enhance your multifamily properties, contact us today.