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Three Ways to Foster Community Among Your Residents

Three Ways to Foster Community Among Your Residents

Anyone who works in property management wants respectful residents, right? After all, real estate management is just as much about the people who live on the property as the property itself. And here at Targa Real Estate, we understand that the best residents are the ones who are happy. We also understand that in multifamily properties, happy residents are those who get along with their neighbors. These three tips will help you foster a sense of community and belonging among your residents.

1. Host a Resident Appreciation Day 

Let your residents know how much you appreciate them by hosting a day that is all about them. Leave a small gift at their door. Invite everyone into a common area for free hot dogs or ice cream. Host a car wash in the parking lot. The possibilities are endless and the result is happiness all around. Can't beat that!

2. Plan a Building Pool Party and/or Barbecue

Give your multifamily property residents a chance to get to know each other with an offer that no one can resist - free fun and free food. After all, what better way for neighbors to bond and form relationships? Everyone needs a helping hand now and then and nothing is better than discovering that that helper is just across the hall.

3. Create a Community Garden

Everyone could use a little connection with nature, kids and grownups alike. You can encourage your residents to get for each other and the earth by creating a community garden. Let each family add their own finishing touches. You'll get a beautiful and diverse mix of plants - and a great way for your residents to work together. 

Real estate management can be difficult, but when you do it right, it is always rewarding. So put these plans into practice and watch your residents thrive. And, as always, if you need a little neighborly help, feel free to contact us.