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Ways to Make Your Apartment Community Dog-Friendly

Ways to Make Your Apartment Community Dog-Friendly

Although not all apartments allow residents with dogs, Targa Real Estate believes that accommodating people who have pets is a good way to increase resident retention. These days, many people have pets, and they're eager to find homes that allow their furry friends to come, too. Here are a few tips that will help make any apartment community more dog friendly.

Include Dog Parks

It's important for dogs of all sizes to get proper exercise, so even if your apartment complex only allows small dogs, it's still a good idea to install some type of dog park in the area. When there is a designated space for dogs to play, they'll be able to socialize with other dogs and get their energy out. Also, when there is a dog park, it is less likely that dogs will roam off the leash, which is safer for residents and other dogs.

Install Clean-up Stations

When residents walk their dogs, they need clean-up stations posted near walking trails, green spaces, and parking lots. This way, if someone forgets a bag, they'll still be able to clean up after their dog, and they'll still be able to dispose of their doggie bags properly. You don't want waste piling up, so make things easier for your residents by providing clean-up stations.

Put a Dog Wash Outside

Dogs need to stay clean, but when they're given baths in their apartment, their hair could clog the drains. Therefore, to avoid dirty dogs and drainage issues, it's a good idea for apartments to include a dog cleaning station outside. When you have an outdoor bath area, you have a designated spot with sewage pipes that can handle a high amount of debris.

For more tips on how to offer your residents exceptional living, reach out to the Targa team today.