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Creating a Newsletter for Your Complex: Here's What You Should Know

Creating a Newsletter for Your Complex: Here's What You Should Know

When you're managing a property, you've got to create a stellar newsletter to keep all your residents informed. It's possible to create a great newsletter that will keep your residents up-to-date and happy. Here are some tips as you develop your apartment's newsletter:

Publish the Newsletter Regularly

It's crucial that the newsletter comes out on a regular basis. If you publish your newsletter haphazardly, it's likely that fewer people will know about it. However, if you publish it every month, or every other month, for example, your residents will expect it. News needs to be current, and if you only publish a newsletter once a year, that defeats the purpose of having a community newsletter.

Give Information about Your Staff

One of the best ways to build community is to introduce your complex's staff to the residents who live there. Whether you provide an in-depth interview with certain employees or you give short bios for each, add some information about your staff in the newsletter. This will get your residents acquainted with the people who keep your property running.

Announce Improvements and Events

Residents will be thrilled to know when certain upgrades are happening within the complex. For example, if you're upgrading the Wi-Fi service in your building, use the newsletter as an opportunity to announce that. Furthermore, if you're hosting a bingo night, a pizza party, or a gardening day, announce that in your newsletter, too. Improving your complex and hosting fun events are two ways to get your residents more excited about the apartment complex.

At Targa Real Estate, we believe it is important to have a regularly updated newsletter for your apartment complex. There are many perks to having a newsletter, and you might even retain more residents when you have one. For more information about property management, contact us.