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How to Create the Perfect Recreational Room in Your Community

How to Create the Perfect Recreational Room in Your Community

Your residents want to live in an apartment that's well-maintained and fun! So, if you're a property manager, you might consider putting a recreational room in your building. When you have a space that's designated for things like games, television, and other entertainment-related amenities, you're more likely to retain residents. Let's discuss a few tips that will help you put together a great rec room:

Diversify Your Game Selection

You've got to diversify when you pick games to include in your rec room. Make sure you have a wide assortment of traditional board games. These games are affordable and easy to stock up on. However, when you're picking more expensive items—like billiard tables and video game consoles—make sure you're appealing to everyone.

Poll Your Residents

If you're unsure what is best to include in your rec room, you could always send out a poll to your residents. You might ask them what games and devices they'd like to see in the rec room. Of course, you don't have to purchase everything that is suggested to you, but if you see a trend that a lot of residents want a certain amenity, that's probably a sign you should get it.

Decorate it Nicely

It won't cut it to put a lot of games and video games in a room with four bare walls. Instead, you've got to make the space attractive. Try painting the walls a bright color, for a light-hearted feel. Plus, purchase some couches, comfortable pillows, and a few game tables. This is a sure way to make residents want to gather in the rec room.

Your rec room can be large and elaborate or small and simple, but either way, if you follow these tips, your residents will love spending time in it! For more information about Targa Real Estate, contact us.