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Get Gen Z Excited about Renting: Tips for Attracting Young Residents

Get Gen Z Excited about Renting: Tips for Attracting Young Residents

Gen Z people are old enough to be in college, or in the workforce, now. So, as a property manager, you should be expecting more and more Gen Z-ers to be living in your building.  It's important to cater to this demographic because they're a group that's incredibly likely to rent. Here are a few ways you can appeal to Gen Z:

Have Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi

When it comes down to it, Gen Z residents don't want to seek out their own Wi-Fi. Instead, they want it to be an included amenity at their building. These days, many Gen Z people are working from home, doing school online, and of course, spending time online for recreation. Therefore, it's vital for your building to have good Wi-Fi because if it doesn't, they can simply find another building that does.

Communicate with Residents Via Text

Are you planning on doing maintenance in a resident's apartment? Or, are you planning a social for residents? No matter what is going on, if you want to communicate about it with Gen Z residents, do it via text. This is the most efficient way to reach Gen Z-ers, and it's convenient for you, too.

Invest in Amenities and Convenience

Do what you can to make things trendy and convenient for Gen Z residents. Invest in bike racks, a top-notch fitness center, game rooms, study rooms, and shuttle services to train stations. When you give residents all the amenities they would need in their building, they're going to get excited about your property—and sign a lease.

Gen Z is a generation that is passionate, excited about technology and social media, and very smart. So, to entice this generation of residents, you'll need to make some upgrades that excite them. For more real estate tips and information about Targa Real Estate, contact us.