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Appeal to Pet Owners with These Pet-Friendly Amenities

Appeal to Pet Owners with These Pet-Friendly Amenities

Seeking to attract pet-loving residents? If so, incorporating pet-friendly amenities into your apartment complex is not just important but essential. Renters with furry companions require specific accommodations to ensure their comfort and happiness. By providing these thoughtful amenities, both renters and their beloved pets will undoubtedly feel right at home in their new apartment. Here are some key pet-friendly features you should consider having at your complex:

Green Space with Doggie Bag Stations

For residents with dogs, it's crucial to have green space, because apartment buildings don't come with conventional backyards. Beyond the green space itself, it's also convenient for there to be doggie bag stations near the green space, so that residents don't have to remember to bring their own bags to clean up after their pet.

Dog Park Enclosures

Dogs who live in apartment buildings deserve to be able to meet their neighbors. So, installing a dog park enclosure near your apartment building is a great way to entice renters with pets. With dog parks nearby, owners will be able to let their dogs run and play with other dogs, which will benefit the happiness and demeanor of the dogs in your complex.

In-Apartment Dog Spa or Doggie Day Care

Depending on the number of resources you can allocate toward pet-friendly amenities, you might want to design a dog spa or even a doggie day care to include in your building. This makes it easier for residents with dogs because they don't have to leave their homes to groom their dogs. But also if owners do need to leave their homes (to go on vacation or a work trip) a doggie day care is right nearby.

Pet owners deserve to have great amenities and even more, pets themselves deserve to live luxuriously. For more unique tips about appealing to residents with pets, contact Targa Real Estate Services.