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Valet Trash Pickup: Why It's Important for Multifamily Communities

Valet Trash Pickup: Why It's Important for Multifamily Communities

When prospective residents are looking for apartments to rent, they're likely comparing your complex's amenities, to competing complex's amenities. So, it's important to provide residents with valet trash pickup services. Valet trash service is the process by which residents leave their tied-up trash outside their door, and then, service people pick it up for residents, usually once a week. Here's why you should offer the service:

It's Accessible to All Residents

For some, taking out the trash is difficult, due to factors like age or disability status. If there are stairs in your complex, or other barriers that make getting to the trashcan difficult, some residents can't take out the trash themselves. Moreover, some residents cannot carry heavy trash bags themselves. With this service, you'll give all your residents access to trash service, accessibly.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

Life is busy for your residents. Between their jobs, personal lives, and all the other things they have to accomplish, providing them with valet trash service takes one thing off their to-do list. Instead of having to take out the trash themselves on the way to work, for example, they can utilize valet trash service—they'll surely feel less rushed in their day-to-day life.

Apartments Will Stay Cleaner

When things get too hectic, some residents will forget to take out their trash, leading to stenches, messes, and an invasion of bugs and animals. There will be a lesser chance these things happen with valet trash services because residents will have an easier time disposing of their trash.

As a property manager, it's crucial to give your residents the services they need to be comfortable, accommodated, and happy. Valet trash service is a great amenity to offer because it's convenient and accessible. For more information about the benefits of valet trash service, don't hesitate to contact us.