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Appealing to Senior Renters: Here's What to Do to Succeed

Appealing to Senior Renters: Here's What to Do to Succeed

For senior residents, an array of enticing amenities awaits. However, many apartment complexes overlook the significance of amenities tailored to seniors. Therefore, when a property manager dedicates the effort to incorporate features designed for seniors, the result is likely to be a notable surge in new senior residents. Here are a few ways to cater to your older demographic of renters:

Have Accessible Weekly/Monthly Movie Nights

Host exciting movie nights that are targeted toward seniors. For example, at your movie night, have closed captioning on, comfortable seating, and make sure that the TV is large enough to see well. You might even show throwback films. Movie nights are just one option. Try hosting other events that are targeted toward seniors, as well.

Don't Abandon Paper Newsletters Altogether

Recently, it's become commonplace to stop disseminating paper apartment newsletters. This change has come for many reasons: for one, it's better for the environment, but also, younger renters would rather use electronic newsletters. Take a poll and find out which residents want to use paper newsletters, and which want electronic newsletters. This way, you still reduce your carbon footprint, but seniors can still get paper newsletters if that's their preference.

Install Handles in the Showers and near Toilets

Slipping and falling is not something that seniors want to do in the bathroom! Therefore, make sure all your bathrooms are safe, by installing handles near precarious areas. This way, seniors can easily shower and navigate their homes, without fear of falling or hurting themselves.

Apartment communities thrive when they are accessible to everyone. That means you should have accommodations and amenities that appeal to senior residents. These are only a few things that could make your complex more hospitable to seniors. So, for more information about how to appeal to seniors, contact Targa Real Estate Services.