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Renters Love These Eco-Friendly Community Amenities

Renters Love These Eco-Friendly Community Amenities

Maintaining green and sustainable communities isn't just good for the earth, it's good for attracting residents. According to Strategy + Business, 69% of those surveyed in 2021 said they were doing what they could to reduce their carbon footprint. With an increasing percentage of the population becoming more eco-conscious, it's more important than ever that property owners create eco-friendly amenities at their properties. Beyond solar panels and eco-friendly appliances, here are three eco-friendly community amenities your renters are going to love.

Community Garden

Community gardens have been growing in popularity over the past two decades. Renters don't have land of their own to tend to vegetables and fruits they grow themselves. Most often, this is because apartments and townhouses don't provide the space needed for gardening. A community garden needn't take up much space. Make use of otherwise unused and unsightly space on your property. Not only does a community garden make fresh produce available to residents and beautify the space, but it can also be a great way for your residents to get to know one another and form community bonds.

Community Compost Bin

Keep compostable trash out of the landfill. If you're already hosting a community garden, a community compost bin is an eco-friendly amenity that makes a lot of sense. Not only does it create healthier and more rich soil, but it also helps folks to grow healthier plants, prevent water runoff, and reduce carbon. Compost can benefit all of your property's landscaping, not just the community garden.

Community Recycling

Another way to keep things from filling up already full landfills is to host a recycling program. Many waste management companies offer recycling as part of their services, but providing a centralized place for your community to recycle helps make getting things into the right bins easy. Establishing a community recycling program is a great way to attract residents who don't want to transport their recyclables to a recycling center themselves.

Community Clean-Up Days

Community clean-up days are another way to engage civic-minded residents. By hosting one or two days per year where residents pitch in to clean up the landscaping and their neighborhood, you can help create connections between neighbors. It's also a great way that residents with children can help their children meet their service-hours requirements for school and extracurricular activities.

Community Swap Events

Another type of amenity you ought to consider for appealing to renters who are concerned about sustainability is a community swap event. At a community swap event, residents come together to offer up their clothing, books, furniture, etc. that they no longer need or have use for and swap for new belongings. This is a great alternative to the traditional garage or yard sale and can help foster a sense of community. By hosting one or two of these events a year, particularly during seasons when residents move, you can also reduce the amount of furniture left by dumpsters when residents move out.

It's important to consider the interests and demographics of your residents when planning which amenities you will offer at your properties. By making sure your property has eco-friendly amenities, you not only are benefiting the environment, but you are also making a statement to renters that their concerns about sustainability are important. Targa Real Estate is committed to ensuring our clients maximize their real estate investments. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you.