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5 Eco-Friendly Apartment Community Amenities

5 Eco-Friendly Apartment Community Amenities

Prospective residents are increasingly opting for properties that feature eco-friendly amenities.

By investing in a few small-scale green options, you’re letting your community know that you care not just about them, but about the environment as well. Here are five easy, low-cost amenities that will make your community more eco-friendly and attractive to potential tenants.

Easy Recycling

Make sure recycling bins are easy to access, clearly labeled, and large enough to accommodate demand. Color-coding recycling can make it a faster, easier process, too. Make sure you let tenants know what recycling resources are available, and consider providing each unit with totes that can be used to transport recyclables.

Garden Space

Home gardening is increasingly popular in Tacoma, though many people who live in multifamily housing think it's not an option. A community green space for gardening can bring a sense of community in addition to providing planting space. Minimal plot rental fees can even cover the cost of implementing a community garden space.

Promote Alternative Transportation

Bicycles, walking, ride-sharing, and car-sharing are all popular alternatives to traditional driving. Accommodate these alternative forms of transportation with bike storage spaces and repair areas or consider a contract with a car-sharing service like Zipcar.

Green Cleaning Products

If you haven't already, make the switch to green cleaning products for common areas. You can even give out samples to residents as a way of letting them know you're doing the right thing!

Educate Residents

Let residents know both the ways you're making your multifamily housing more green and ways they can help, too. You can schedule occasional workshops about eco-friendly amenities, provide information in a resident handbook, or even give out a welcome basket with some green cleaning supplies, fresh recycling totes, and a list of tips and suggestions.

Striving to make more sustainable multifamily housing doesn't have to be a massive, expensive undertaking. Start with some small, easier steps and gain momentum as you aim for larger improvements. Interested in learning more about what we do and how we can help with your property management? Contact us today to see how we can work with you.