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Tea Time at The Heights With Squishy Pop Bubble Tea

Tea Time at The Heights With Squishy Pop Bubble Tea

At Targa Real Estate Services, Inc., we're always excited to see our properties enhance the residential experience. On October 30th, Squishy Pop Bubble Tea brought their delicious tea beverages, at a special discount, to our residents at The Heights to taste and enjoy.

Milk Tea Flavors Served by Squishy Pop Bubble Tea

Squishy Pop Bubble Tea offers milk tea in delicious flavors like coffee, lavender, taro, and chocolate. If you’ve never had milk tea, it’s just tea with milk in it. But the fun comes in what tea you use and the toppings you can add. Fruit tea comes in refreshing flavors like green apple, lychee, mango, rose, and passion fruit. Once you pick a tea base, try unique toppings like boba, rainbow jelly, and coconut lychee jelly to make things really pop.

What's the Excitement of Milk Tea?

Besides being tasty treats, these beverages also deliver great health benefits. These drinks include nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin B12, and potassium.

Whether you like dairy milk or a dairy alternative, you can create your milk tea with almond, oatmeal, rice, or other dairy alternatives. When you want to try them all, vendors like Squishy Pop Bubble Tea can bring all the flavors for you to enjoy.

An Elevated Lifestyle at The Heights

The Heights is just one of the multi-family properties we're proud to manage. Along with a collection of amenities, everything in this peaceful community offers our residents an elevated lifestyle. Every spacious floor plan comes with a fireplace and a private patio or balcony. We make it easy for our residents to live a stress-free lifestyle with our unparalleled service that allows our residents to do everything online with our resident portal and request service.

At Targa Real Estate Service, Inc., we are proud to offer all-inclusive services covering everything from property management, real estate investment consultations, to receivership, to accounting. Contact us, and let us take your assets to the next level.