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Targa Announces Bayside Gardens Acquisition

Targa Announces Bayside Gardens Acquisition

With the increasing demand for multifamily residences, Targa Real Estate Services, Inc., is stepping up its property management portfolio. We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Bayside Gardens, which is known for its classic charm and location in the most scenic part of Tacoma.

Bayside Gardens

In keeping with Targa's expertise in property management and excellence, we were excited at the opportunity to invest in our latest acquisition. Bayside Gardens is incredibly charming and an ideal home to all. Boasting tons of wonderful features in a gorgeous setting, we can’t wait to welcome Bayside Gardens to the Targa family.

A Portrait of Bayside Gardens

The most exciting aspect of Bayside Gardens is the breathtaking scenery it offers to its dwellers, including a view of Mount Rainier and Commencement Bay. With its extensive acreage, there is space for picnics, gatherings, and sunbathing. Bayside Garden is also a short walk to the area’s best groceries and restaurants. In a nutshell, everything you may need is just a short distance from home!

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