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Expanding Your Customer Base With Virtual Apartment Tours

Expanding Your Customer Base With Virtual Apartment Tours

A lot has changed through the past year and so have the needs and expectations of your potential renters. Fortunately, Targa Real Estate has some ideas to help you adapt to the changing times, starting with virtual apartment tours.

Why Offer Virtual Tours?

Hosting in-person apartment tours is challenging at this time. You can have the most beautiful multifamily property, but without a method to show it to potential renters, those limitations can put a serious dent in your bottom line.

Virtual tours serve as the perfect countermeasure. They give you a way to show off your property and all its amenities safely, and in a convenient way that speaks to an increasingly tech-savvy client base.

A virtual tour also serves to radically extend your pool of potential renters. We live in a turbulent job market where young professionals move across the country constantly. Property management companies that provide virtual tours automatically have a leg up on their competition.

Providing Virtual Tour Services

Setting up a virtual tour is both easy and cost-effective. At the bare minimum, you will need a mobile device with a video conferencing app and a method for interested customers to set up appointments.

If you want to add a sleek, more customized feel to your virtual walkthrough service, there are a number of services that cater toward the real estate industry that are available to help you out.

A Full Range of Possibilities

Mobile technology is changing almost as fast as the real estate market. With the advent of augmented reality and virtual reality, agents like the professionals at Targa Real Estate have more ways than ever to reach potential renters and show them the value of the properties they offer. For more information on multifamily rental trends, or to inquire about Targa careers, please contact us today.