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How to Host a Fantastic Virtual Event for Your Multifamily Property

How to Host a Fantastic Virtual Event for Your Multifamily Property

Virtual events are all the rage these days, and they're a great way to keep your multifamily community feeling like, well, a community! From online book clubs to virtual game nights, there are plenty of ways to get creative and bring neighbors together. Here are a few tips from us here at Targa Real Estate to get you started hosting your own virtual events.

Have a Dedicated Tech Person

No matter how experienced you are at hosting virtual events, there are always bound to be tech issues. Perhaps someone is having trouble signing on to the call, or an attendee has something disruptive playing in the background. Have a member of your team be the dedicated tech person, utilizing the chat feature to individually reach out to attendees when needed. That way, the host won't have to stop and start to solve any issues.

Plan a Schedule

At an in-person event, you might just put out food and let your residents mingle. Virtual events need to be a little more planned out. Have a list of activities ready with allotted times. It's okay if you don't stay exactly on schedule, but it will be really helpful for you to have a run of show so that you never feel lost or stuck. You might also want to have some conversation starters or icebreakers on hand to help get people chatting.

Give Out a Goodie Bag

One advantage of hosting an event for your multifamily property is that you know where everyone lives. Prior to your virtual event, leave a little goodie bag at the door of your attendees. You can include anything from snacks to tiny gifts from nearby businesses. If your event has a theme, this is the time to lean into it! For instance, if you're hosting a movie night, you can include a bag of microwave popcorn. Goodie bags will certainly bring a smile to your residents' faces and encourage them to get involved with the event.

These days, events and amenities are a key part of the luxury multifamily experience. With these virtual event tips, you'll be able to keep the community vibe strong. To learn more about how property management could help you, contact us at Targa Real Estate today.