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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Renter Preferences

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Renter Preferences

It's no secret that coronavirus has had a strong impact on daily life. And even while businesses re-open and vaccines are widely distributed, some of the effects of the coronavirus will be lasting, including those on multifamily amenities.

Whether you're building a new community or expanding on one, here are a few features to prioritize:

Community Offices

Despite a decrease in cases, many employers plan to continue to allow employees to work from home for the indeterminate future. The perks of working from home have become more obvious than ever, inspiring employers to skip signing leases. With this in mind, many apartment communities are honing in on their communal office spaces. With upgrades like coffee machines, standing desks, and conference rooms, the ultimate live/work experience is an aspect of multifamily living.

Outdoor Spaces

When the pandemic forced renters to stay indoors, many craved the ability to get fresh air from the comfort of home. Residents found balconies, patios, and even private backyards to be a priority in their apartment search in 2020. Since then, people have become accustomed to having a personal outdoor space.

In-Unit Laundry

Similar to outdoor spaces, in-unit laundry became a must for renters in 2020. With a desire to stay inside the home, using communal laundry or going to a laundromat lost its appeal. Even now, renters are accustomed to the convenience of having laundry in the home and can't stomach a return to lugging laundry bags out their front door.

A lot has changed in the last year. Along with new amenities comes a new generation of renters called Gen Z. Click here to learn all about this new subset of residents and how they are impacting multifamily.

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