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Three Cost-Effective Ideas to Increase Community Sustainability

Three Cost-Effective Ideas to Increase Community Sustainability

Apartment owners and property managers can appeal to environmentally conscious renters and build more sustainable communities. These green initiatives and eco-friendly community amenities are increasingly available and cost-effective for multi-family communities to implement:

More Energy-Efficient Upgrades and Improvements

One of the best ways to make existing and in-construction community developments more sustainable is to reduce their energy consumption. Apartment owners and landlords can:

Invest in Energy Star-certified kitchen appliances that consume less electricity during each usage cycle
Increase insulation to reduce heat loss in the winter and cooled air loss during the summer
Switch to double-paned and energy-efficient windows, especially for southern-facing units
Install smart and programmable thermostats for greater eco-friendly control of heating and cooling

These and similar improvements can significantly reduce the energy consumption for multi-family community properties while also increasing the value and appeal of the units.

Improvements That Reduce Water Waste

Multi-family units have dozens of opportunities to reduce the risk of water waste by installing efficient fixtures in each units' sinks, showers, and more. Low-flow toilets, efficient faucets, and smart sensors that detect water leaks reduce water consumption and catch water waste early on. These devices can reduce operational costs and significantly reduce the building's environmental impact.

Community Events and Initiatives

Along with physical eco-friendly amenities that improve community units, you can introduce eco-friendly initiatives for residents to participate in. They can implement recycling programs, safer battery disposal programs, composting programs for on-site gardens or for contributing to city gardens, and other initiatives that educate and involve residents.

Community stakeholders and property owners can make their properties more appealing with eco-friendly community amenities. Targa Real Estate Services, Inc. is here to help apartment property owners manage the property. Browse our site for more insights about creating in-demand apartment communities or contact us today to learn more about our services.